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Spirio Romantic Virtuosos Event at Steinway Gallery Sydney

Romantic Virtuosos on the Spirio | Upcoming Event

Date: 27th of May, Saturday
Time: 2:30 PM
Location: Steinway Gallery Sydney
45 Chandos Street, St Leonards, NSW 2065

Steinway Galleries Australia invites you to Romantic Virtuosos on the Spirio, a special event at the Steinway Gallery Sydney on Saturday, May 27th at 2:30 PM. The event promises a unique exploration of classical music, featuring the works of Sergei Rachmaninoff, Johannes Brahms, and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. These timeless compositions will be performed by the STEINWAY SPIRIO, the world’s finest high-resolution player piano.

The SPIRIO is renowned for its ability to reproduce the emotional depth and nuanced complexities of these romantic virtuosos’ works. It doesn’t merely play music; it delivers an accurate and faithful rendition of each musical piece, as performed by world-renowned pianists, reflecting every intricate expression.

The event also features guest pianist, Dr Brieley Cutting. An accomplished musician, Dr Cutting will be performing selected works by Rachmaninoff. Her live performance will offer guests an exceptional musical experience, beautifully complementing the capabilities of the SPIRIO.

The event will take place at the Steinway Gallery Sydney, located at 45 Chandos Street, St Leonards, NSW. It’s an ideal setting to appreciate both the historic legacy of Steinway & Sons and its commitment to innovation in the world of music.

This gathering presents an extraordinary opportunity for classical music lovers. Attendees can look forward to an engaging afternoon immersed in the world of classical music, enriched by the remarkable performance of the SPIRIO and the live artistry of Dr Brieley Cutting.

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Join us for an afternoon that pays tribute to the rich history of classical music while embracing the future of musical technology. Experience the SPIRIO’s precision firsthand and immerse yourself in the beauty of Rachmaninoff, Brahms, and Tchaikovsky’s enduring compositions.

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