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Congratulation to Kayden Loo, winner of the 2021 Steinway National Online Piano Competition, for his great performance at Steinway Showroom Perth last weekend.


Kayden (Kai Wen) Loo was born in 2013 to Kelvin Loo and Jessica Lim in Perth, Western Australia. He is the youngest in the family with a sister named Jacelyn Loo. Both Kelvin and Jessica were born in Malaysia. Jessica is musically talented, and she taught Kayden how to play the piano from the age of four. He has progressed well and enjoyed playing pieces from classical to pop music under his mother’s guidance.

Kayden Loo completed The Australian Music Examination Board Grade 3 at the age of 6. He has enjoyed performing at his local church, charity events, and music school concerts.

Kayden Loo was a pianist under the tutelage of Professor Yoon Sen Lee at the YSL Music School, a prestigious music school which produced many award- winning students at a very young age. Kayden learned many advanced piano skills at the academy, and he excelled remarkably. In just a few months, he progressed to AMEB Grade 7 under Mr Lee’s coaching.

Youth Jam Radio Station and Examiner Newspaper recently interviewed Kayden for winning the 2021 Steinway National Online Piano Competition playing “The Flight of the Bumble Bee” by Rimsky Korsakov. Kayden will continue to strive and improve his piano skills as his dream is to become a famous composer, a piano teacher, and a concert pianist. He wishes to share his love of piano with an ever-widening audience.

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