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An Update Regarding the Current Situation Everyone is Encountering Due to the Coronavirus

To all our valued customers at Steinway Galleries Australia,
an update regarding the current situation everyone is encountering due to the Coronavirus.

All our staff have been instructed to wash their hands regularly and for the time being, avoid shaking hands.
Customers can only play in-store pianos whilst with a staff member and the piano keys will then be wiped with an antibacterial solution.

As we are quite busy continuing to take orders and get pianos delivered, our drivers will also take precautions with washing hands, not shaking hands and keeping distance.
All new pianos delivered from the warehouse will be handled carefully so please be confident every precaution is being taken to consider the well being and safety of all involved.

The good news for customers who have placed orders previously and are waiting for delivery is that with the recent pressure on the Australian Dollar and manufacturing cost increases, most have saved thousands or in some cases up to 20% of the purchase price and more, by getting in at the right time.

Steinway & Sons pianos, especially Spirio and Spirio R pianos are in major demand as customers seek out quality products that not only offer excitement and enjoyment, but long term value security as when it comes to pianos, only Steinway & Sons pianos can.

We will be required to reprice stock at the moment so if you are considering purchasing a piano, please call our National Information Line on 1300199589 to discuss with staff now and avoid disappointment with the new pricing.
If there are any questions or queries please feel free to contact me directly at:

We wish you all the best and look forward to the future with optimism.

Thanks very much.

Mark O’Connor
CEO, Steinway Galleries Australia

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