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Recital at Steinway Gallery Melbourne

Steinway Galleries Australia Becomes a Sought-After Venue for Student Performances and Concerts

Steinway Galleries Australia is fast becoming a vibrant weekly hub for musical activities in Sydney and Melbourne. In June, the Melbourne and Sydney Galleries hosted two major concerts and ten piano recitals captivating broad audiences of piano and music teachers, students, and Steinway enthusiasts.

Steinway Galleries Australia is growing its prominence in the music industry through its commitment to fostering the country’s best musical talent and is unwavering in its support for music education at its highest level. This is particularly evident for emerging concert pianists. In providing a Steinway grand piano in a relaxed, intimate, and elegant venue, Australia’s best young pianists are given a unique opportunity to further develop their pianistic and performance skills on the world’s gold standard in pianos.


3rd June Student Recital of piano Justin McKee
11th June Student Recital of piano teacher Yanghee Kim
18th JuneKeys to Passion: Jack Cheng and Kevin Wang Rachmaninoff Concert
23rd JuneStudent Recital of piano teacher Natalia Andreeva
24th JuneStudent Recital of piano teacher Linda Chan
June 2023 Steinway Gallery Sydney recitals
4th JuneOrbifold Music Festival Piano Competition
9th JuneStudent Recital of piano teacher Patricia Lau
19th JuneStudent Recital of piano teacher Christine Luo
24th June, morningStudent Recital of piano teacher Kevin Suherman
24th June, eveningKeys to Passion: Jack Cheng and Kevin Wang Rachmaninoff Concert
25th JuneStudent Recital of piano teacher Michelle Ng
June 2023 Steinway Gallery Melbourne Recitals

On the 18th and 24th of June, pianists Jack Cheng and Kevin Wang graced the stage at Steinway Gallery Sydney and Melbourne, respectively. Their piano concert, ‘The Keys to Passion’ enchanted over 70 attendees across both locations, as they delivered impressive performances of Rachmaninoff concertos.

Steinway Galleries Australia continues to foster a supportive environment for aspiring pianists, providing them with the world’s finest pianos, performing opportunities in a unique and exclusive setting, and a platform for further musical growth. As it continues to attract piano teachers and pianists of varied skill levels, its prominence within the piano industry is expected to rise even higher.


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