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Steinway Grand Piano S-155

Steinway Model S

Steinway Grand Piano S-155 – At 155 cm in length, this “Baby” grand piano was introduced in the 1930’s and features the powerful and rich tone of a much larger piano. Small enough to fit nicely into almost any room, this piano is handcrafted using the same materials and techniques that go into making Steinway concert grand pianos.

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Steinway Grand Piano M-170

Steinway Model M

At 170 cm in length, this piano’s rich tone and responsive action is found not only in a great many homes, but in many schools of music and conservatories as well. Called the “Medium” grand, there is nothing medium about the sound from this instrument.

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Steinway Grand Piano O-180

Steinway Model O

Steinway Grand Piano O-180 – This 180 cm grand piano has been a source of joy and inspiration since the very early 1900’s. Its sound is exceptionally warm and rich for a grand piano of this relatively modest size.

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Steinway Grand Piano A 188

Steinway Model A

Steinway Grand Piano A188 – At 188 cm, this grand produces a powerful and warm sound, the result of a scale design that allows the solid spruce soundboard to vibrate freely and efficiently. This piano is large enough to satisfy those who demand a full, rich bass, yet is small enough to fit into almost any home.

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Steinway Grand Piano B-211

Steinway Model B

Steinway Grand Piano B-211 – This magnificent 211 cm grand piano is often referred to as ‘the perfect piano’. It’s a wonderfully balanced and versatile piano that does extremely well in intimate settings, teaching studios, and mid-sized venues.

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Steinway Grand Piano C-227

Steinway Model C

Steinway Grand Piano C-227 – Measuring 227 cm in length, this concert grand offers a large variety of sound and touch from soft piano to strong forte, from clear treble to deep bass.

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Steinway Grand Piano D-274

Steinway Model D

Steinway Grand Piano D-274 – At 274 cm in length, this majestic musical instrument is the overwhelming choice of the world’s greatest pianists. This concert grand will completely satisfy those who desire the highest possible level of musical expression.

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