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Join STEINWAY & SONS for a grand presentation of The Secrets of Steinway by actor Miles Chapin, the great-great-grandson of Henry Engelhard Steinway, founder of STEINWAY & SONS. Chapin authored “88 Keys: The Making of a Steinway Piano” and is an expert on STEINWAY piano making.


1. History of Steinway
The Steinway & Sons is more than a story of mastery and craftsmanship. It also the story of culture, arts and music. Uncover the history of Steinway and its founder, Henry Engelhard Steinway, one of the great American story.

2. Building a Steinway
Wood, Felt, Finishes and more. Find out what makes Steinway the gold standard of musical instruments and the World’s Finest Piano. Dive deep into the construction of the Steinway Rim, the patented pinblock design, the Steinway Plate and more.

3. Creating the “Steinway Sound”

4. Steinway Finishes

5. Steinway Spirio

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