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Christmas Celebration at Steinway Gallery Sydney

Sydney, 13 December — Steinway Galleries Australia hosted another festive Christmas celebration at its Sydney gallery. This event drew a vibrant crowd comprising customers, accomplished musicians, institutional partners, and discerning Steinway enthusiasts.


Mark O’Connor, CEO of Steinway Galleries Australia, extended a heartfelt welcome to all attendees. His talk highlighted the growth and distinctive qualities of Steinway Galleries Australia over the years. He further featured an impressive demonstration of the Steinway Spirio, the world’s finest high-resolution player piano.

Mark continued to warmly interact with the audience and address questions from the crowd. He notably elaborated on the unique characteristics that distinguish the Family of Steinway Designed Pianos, Boston and Essex. His approachable demeanour and insightful commentary added a personal touch to the evening.


The ambience was further enhanced by Joshua Chin, a student of pianist Jonathan Ong. Chin’s rendition of holiday and jazz music throughout the event created a cosy, festive atmosphere. Later in the night, he treated everyone with a captivating performance of a piece by Nikolai Kapustin. This was a wonderful showcase of his skill and the unparalleled qualities of the Steinway Model B-211.

As the evening progressed, guests enjoyed a selection of food and beverages, forging new connections and engaging in spirited conversations. A highlight for many was the chance to personally experience the Steinway Spirio and showcase their own piano skills on the gallery’s exquisite Steinway instruments.

Like the Christmas celebration at the Sanctuary Cove showroom, Steinway Gallery Sydney’s was also a reflection of the growing community fostered by Steinway Galleries Australia. The evening was a harmonious blend of music, fellowship, and festive cheer, leaving guests with a deeper appreciation for Steinway & Sons.

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