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Steinway Galleries Australia CEO Mark O'Connor speaking during the Steinway Evening event, at the new-look Steinway Gallery Sydney

A Steinway Evening at the New-Look Sydney Gallery

On 30 August, Steinway Gallery Sydney opened its doors to an enthusiastic audience for an event that celebrated its newly renovated gallery. Despite challenging weather conditions, several piano teachers, music professionals, customers, and institutional partners were in attendance.

CEO of Steinway Galleries Australia, Mark O’Connor, commenced the evening. He expressed gratitude for the attendees’ support and highlighted both Steinway & Son’s 170th anniversary and the outstanding performance of Steinway Galleries Australia thus far.

Pianists Jack Cheng and Linda Chan were the featured performers. Cheng played Rachmaninoff’s Prelude Op. 3 no. 2 on the Steinway Model B-211 grand piano, demonstrating the depth and richness of the instrument. Linda Chan followed with two pieces: Guang, arr. Wang: Silver Clouds Chasing the Moon and Gershwin-Wild: ‘Embraceable You’, no. 2 from Seven Virtuoso Etudes. Her performance beautifully showcased the exceptional dynamic range and tonal colours that only a Steinway piano could provide.

The Spirio demonstration by Mark O’Connor was a highlight of the event. Spirio, Steinway’s high-resolution player piano system, combines unparalleled craftsmanship with advanced playback technology. The demonstration showed the audience how the Spirio allows the world’s best artists to perform on your Steinway, in your own home, simply with the touch of an iPad.

The event concluded with a cocktail reception. Guests had the opportunity to interact with each other while exploring the Steinway & Sons, Boston, and Essex pianos on display.

For those who could not join us that evening, we warmly extend an invitation to visit Steinway Gallery Sydney and experience the family of Steinway pianos firsthand. Simply fill out the form below to set an appointment, or call our National Information Line on 1300 199 589.


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